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CoolSculpting® Technology & Recent Improvements

“I wanted to take a few minutes today to talk about something that’s received a lot of media attention, CoolSculpting®. CoolSculpting® is a newer technology and one that I’ve recently become much more interested in as they have vastly improve the technology in the last couple of years.

When it first came out, I think it was a good device but rather crude in its application, a little bit unpredictable even, in some cases. Now with lot of use and some improvements in the software, the technology and even the applicators, CoolSculpting® has become a reliable way for non-surgical reduction of bulk fat.

The treatment itself, as I’ll described in a few minutes in a couple of our videos and a little PowerPoint presentation, is done with the application of a large, basically suction cup in the areas that are carefully marked where unwanted fat, is. This can be on the abdomen, hips, thighs, outer thighs and inner thigh; many areas can be treated.

We fit the applicator on, a large suction pulls the tissue in, and a very selected process of cooling takes place. Fat cells are much more absorptive of the cooling than the surrounding skin, the skin has kept at a temperature that keeps it safe, the fat cells are brought down to a temperature where they basically fracture, break up, and they’re no longer there.

They’re destroyed forever, the fat that’s released into the tissue is taken up by microphagous and other inflammatory cells, and there is actually some tissue tightening associated with that inflammation.

CoolSculpting® is very comfortable for most people, there’s sort of an intense feeling of suction initially but the cooling itself has a numbing effect to it, and its really just sitting and reading a magazine for an hour.

I think a really important part of CoolSculpting®  is going to a center where there are two applicators available, you really don’t want to sit there twice for an hour, an hour and a half if you don’t want to. If you got love handles, both can be treated at the same time, the abdomen is treated with typically two applicators, one on each side.  If you have an isolated bump, you can certainly just use 1 applicator on 1 side, it’s a bump of fat, and so almost everyone are candidates for this.

As a trial, when this first came with the newer technology, and I have followed this over the years that it was being approved, I decided to be a patient to test it and make sure it works.

I did one love handle but left the other side untreated. I don’t have a lot of extra weight but this is an area where it was just resistant fat, and in fact, after 3 months, the fat love handle was completely gone, so I can speak as both a patient and a treating physician with it.

The application is easy, it’s same day, there’s no downtime or recovery. There’s a few little nuances that the Maas Clinic and Appearance Care Center do that I think improve the outcomes and actually speed the recovery, and get the improvement faster, and if you come in for an appointment we’ll talk about those nuances because they can be quite important in getting the best result.

As always, I’m happy to talk about this CoolSculpting® and any other new technologies. We’ll get in to some more detail on my website at and on, but please feel free to send a photograph if you have an unwanted fat area, a video, have a friend take a video, you can send a video of yourself if you like, whatever the best medium is, or just write me a question or give us a call.

As always, I’m happy to answer all those questions and as always we’re excited to share this new technology as it comes out. We’re certainly the improvements on technology that’s been around for a while.

If you want to find a little bit more about it, Freeze Fat in San Francisco  is a good site where you can learn, get an introduction, and even get an appointment for CoolSculpting®. This is Dr. Corey Maas on Looking Your Best.”

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