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CoolSculpting® Outcome Expectations

“Hi, my name is Abby and I’m the Aesthetic RN Specialist here at The Appearance Care Center at The Maas Clinic. So with CoolSculpting ®, what outcomes may the patient expect?

After the treatment, targeted fat cells are eliminated for good. So you will have fewer fat cells in the treated area, and untreated areas will have the same number of fat cells and no change in the fat distribution.

During adolescence age, we have a set number of fat cells and even if we gain weight, the number of fat cells stays the same. So fat cells increase in size, and if you lose weight, they decrease in size. Once you undergo CoolSculpting ®, fat cells are eliminated from the treated area, and they are gone for good and will never come back.

For more information or to schedule a CoolSculpting ® consultation, please contact CoolSculpting® San Francisco at 415.567.7758″

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